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The Hottest Song

Body Tap  

Atlanta Body Tap

Rich Life Wednesdays

Body Tap is one of Atlanta’s premier adult entertainment clubs. No club in the ATL does it like the tap.  You never know who you will see at the Tap. 

Body Tap's MySpace Page

Body Tap Galleries

live from the Body Tap gallery
Live from the Body Tap 08
live from the Body Tap gallery
Live from the Body Tap 09

Body Tap Lyrics

Still don't believe The Body Tap is one of America's most popular and exciting adult entertainment clubs?  Take a look at some of the songs that shouts out Atlanta's Body Tap.

Walk It Out (remix)
"I'm Talkin Magic City Or Even Body Tap You Know That Money Ant A Thing We Throwin Thousands Stacks" – Jim Jones

Wild Thang
"Of course its Wednesday Night, I'm at the Body Tap" – Gorilla Zoe

A Bay Bay (remix)
"Bucket full of Crystal VIPed up//
Going hard in Body Tap where they throw that cheese up//" –The Game

The Realist
"I'm talkin' sucka-free Sundays and iced-out Mondays Pin-up Tuesdays and body-tap Wednesdays" – Young Jeezy

My Girl
"rarely got them booty shots... see up in Body Tap... on the stage... they strippin now" – T.I.

Mr. 17-5
"Thunder storm in the body-tap, look what I've done
Chump change, I make it rain for fun (wussup)" – Young Jeezy

3 Kings
" Hit the body tap and blow half ya budget
I do it for the streets and muthafuckas love it" – Young Jeezy

Say I Yi Yi
" Body Tap let me see ya I yi yi" – Ying Yang Twins

Go Head 
Body tap tippers... Blow pop lickers" – Ali & GIPP

She Likes Dat
"Ay Daz cuz let's go to the Body Tap my nigga" – Snoop Dogg

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