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Artist of the Month
Every month DJ-XRated.com will showcase Atlanta's artist of the month. 

How to become X's Artist of the Month?
  1. Email us your track, name, picture and bio.
  2. Create your own buzz and become the talk of Atlanta.


Rapper Superstar
:: Superstar :: February 2008

Genre: hip hop / rap
MySpace: myspace.com/superent
Song: Crazy
Website: www.super-ent.com

Stacy ‘Superstar’ Blackwell

Stacy Blackwell was born January 4th 1983 in Atlanta, Ga. At age 12 he really became interested in hip-hop. He began free-styling, and writing, then he soon became known for his suave lyrical flows. By the time he reached high school, people around the school new him for his rapid brain processing ability to spit vicious punch lines. At the age of 16 he began working in a studio as an engineer learning how to work the boards and how to mix. In his spare time Stacy would record his own songs and began crafting his own style of rhyming to perfection. At the age of 17 he began to work on his on album and signed with a local Record Label. His first album never made it past local listeners. So he decided to take his career into his own hands. Stacy and one of his long time friends decided to start their own record label and soon they had a song on the radio. Unfortunately his fame only lasted for a brief moment and so did their label. He and his friend parted ways when it came down to the label. These two big blows really hurt his spirit and his drive, so he decided that he didn’t even want to rap anymore. However, he couldn’t stay away from the music for too long. After a 2 month break he was back at it again starting his own label the second time around taking his destiny into his own hands. Now Superstar and his label mates are ready to take the whole world by surprise. Super Ent. Recordings is destined to be one of the world’s largest record labels. SUPER ENTERTAINMENT RECORDINGS, INC IT’S NOT WHAT WE DO ITS



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