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Artist of the Month
Every month DJ-XRated.com will showcase Atlanta's artist of the month. 

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Sonny Rich

Rapper Sonny Rich
:: Sonny Rich :: June 2008

Genre: hip hop / rap
MySpace: myspace.com/sonnyrich704

Surly it is not an understatement that SONNY RICH is the voice of today's average urban youth, and young adults. Born second to the youngest of six brothers and sisters in a single mother home, young Sonny took to the streets of Charlotte North Carolina at the tender age of eleven. Asked why, he states "My mother was hardly able to pay the bills. As a kid, I wanted nice things, I wanted it all and the street was the only job for an eleven year old kid. No application, no experience needed". His story is that of many urban youth and young adults. Raised in the crime infested Westside of Charlotte, North Carolina Sonny's life experience reflects a point and time of everyone life.

He is no stranger to adversity, by the age of 14 he was kicked out of his mother home. "I was out of control, my mom couldn't handle me.” After two years of running the streets without a sense of direction he ended up in Job Corp. Sonny left Job Corp after graduating and returned back to the streets as a rapper. He formed the group "Doe Boy Committee" and there his career as an artist began.

His music illustrates the everyday life of the common urban youth and young men like himself. It mirrors chapters of his life, the dreams and struggle of a young man growing up too fast. It exhibits the good and bad, the ugly and beautiful, the happy and sad. Sonny brings a genuine swagger to the music industry that has gone stale because of too many smoke screens and facades. His music contains substance and is parallel to the lives of the average man and woman.

With a summer 2008 release date of his album "The V.I.R.U.S." Sonny is one step closer to establishing himself as the new voice of the music industry. His single and video "Stunners" is being heard blasting out of various radio and TV stations across the country as well as number one hip hop video ranking on Billboard Charts. "Man, The V.I.R.U.S. is going to spread and take over the industry." Asked what exactly "The V.I.R.U.S." means. He explains "It stands for The Voice Inside Rebellious Urban Solider. The V.I.R.U.S. is that inspirational voice you hear in your head when faced with adversity. The single is banging out there. It's spreading all over the place like a wild California fire" Sonny continues; "everyone loves it like mom's cook food. The next single is even more of a banger. I believe that an artist has to give the fans more than one or two hot songs, the whole album have to be hot if you expect people to spend their money on it. I put my all into every song I lay down."

With the birth of a son, 19 years old Sonny found himself needing to make some changes in his life. He enlisted into the US Army and was shipped off to the Iraq war. He returned home from the Army, Sonny found himself back on the block as if he never left. Realizing that his music was the best asset he had, he decided to take it serious and pursued a career as a recording artist. "The first thing I did when I returned home was holla at the Doe Boy Committee. We went into the studio and started putting out mix tapes. The first one I put out was "85 With the Hard Vol.1". That right there started the buzz in streets of Charlotte."

Today Sonny reclines in a Ferrari fly yellow Aston Martin, puffing on a cigarette, his own music playing out of the speakers. He states that he has no major features on his upcoming album besides his label mates with a smile on his face.

On board with Sonny Rich are some of the industry best such as Ricardo Hunter of Hunter Promotions, his publicist Linda Robins of First Lady PR Group, Kaizer of Red I.D. management, R.X. and Big Christ of Keeplock Entertainment. Sonny Rich is due to bless the industry with all that is expected of a great artist, he will finally give the Carolinas a voice and open the flood gates for a breed of new artist to emerge.

Contact Information:
Linda “First Lady” Robins

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