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Artist of the Month
Every month DJ-XRated.com will showcase Atlanta's artist of the month. 

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Scrapp De Leon

Scrapp De Leon
:: Scrapp De Leon :: August 2010

Genre: hip hop / rap
Song: You Already Know

"The Lion"

What's in a name these days; absolutely nothing but in the case of Atlanta rap artist Scrapp De Leon ......EVERYTHING! De Leon, The Lion, is about to reign supreme over the Atlanta music scene which he has been a fixture since the age of 12. "Growing up in the hood with a silver spoon" is how you would best described Scrapp De Leon. Scrapp is quick to remind anyone that just like the lyrics one of his songs that he "Fathered Himself".

Scrapp is a seasoned veteran to the business of music than most artist whose careers have already taken flight and are established. At a very young age he was signed to Dreamworks records as part of the Atlanta based rap trio "Da Razkalz Cru" featuring Scrapp, his brother Sas and his cousin Roderick Burton. While at Dreamworks were under the auspice of legendary entertainment executives Moe Austin and John McClain. They recorded with the likes of PDiddy, Battlecat, Swiss Beatz and Stevie J. P Diddy placed the group in a nationwide ad campaign for the Sean John clothing line. However, after a year of recording the group was no closer to becoming a household name and made business decision to leave the label in search of a label relationship that would put the group on a fast past marketing and promotional strategy.

Elektra Records, under the guidance of music industry veteran, Sylvia Rhone signed the group to an unprecedented unlimited budget recording deal. The filmed their first video with famed video producer Scott White. Under their new deal the Da Razkalz Cru recorded with Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Jazzy Phae, Akon and Polow Da Don. The trio embarked on a successful nationwide tour with the teen sensation B2k.

However, once again fate would not be kind to the group. Elektra decided to shut its doors leaving the group with no recording agreement and no idea as to where their next move would be. Da Razkalz Cru disbanded. Roderick would eventually be signed to Akon's Konvict Music / Jive Records under the name as the artist, "Dolla". Scrapp would team up and tour with Dolla wherever he went. You would think "Dolla" was the name of duo because where you saw Roderick; you saw Scrapp.

Once again Scrapp witnessed the ugly side of the music business as he witness Dolla struggle and fight with his label for support in the areas of marketing and promotional support. Scrapp saw how the lack of a marketing strategy and promotional support can make it all impossible to succeed as an artist. Scrapp vowed not to make the same mistakes.

However the real test of Scrapp's faith would come May 2009. Scrapp's best friend, cousin, brother, Roderick Anthony Burton, II was gun downed while he and Scrapp waited in the valet parking area of famed Beverly Center Mall in Beverly Hills.

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