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Artist of the Month
Every month DJ-XRated.com will showcase Atlanta's artist of the month. 

How to become X's Artist of the Month?
  1. Email us your track, name, picture and bio.
  2. Create your own buzz and become the talk of Atlanta.

Concrete Rose

Concrete Rose
:: Concrete Rose:: September 2008

Genre: R&B / Pop
MySpace: myspace.com/concreterosemusic

From the streets of Atlanta come three independent women who are redefining the term "girl power." Meet Concrete Rose: Tatiana "Tati" De Jesus, Maressa "MJ" Munoz and Keiatta "Raine" Ansley. They're ready to prove that street can be sweet on MTV's Top Pop Group.

The girls of Concrete Rose are all about having fun, despite the hardships they've faced in life. There's MJ, who attributes her love of singing to karaoke. The next girl on the scene is Tati, a receptionist at a talent agency who daydreams about being the center of attention. And rounding out the group is Raine, who juggles two jobs and is determined to do whatever it takes to become successful. After watching her mom deal drugs and struggle with addiction, Raine hopes that the members of Concrete Rose can become positive role models for young women everywhere.

Just like a rose that grew from concrete, these ladies consider their union a phenomenon that can only occur once in a lifetime. Their story began when Raine and MJ met during a short stint in another group. After that act split up, the duo teamed up with Tati to become Concrete Rose. The best friends describe their sound as bridging hip-hop, rock, garage, funk, R&B and alternative, creating an eccentric style, rambunctious sound and a yin and yang chemistry.

The sassy Concrete Rose ladies are tired of hustling for a break. They are ready to throw down everything they've got for the title of MTV's Top Pop Group. Never giving up hope, they live by the credo that they may not have a lot, but they have each other.

++ Credits ++
Bio from http://www.mtv.com/ontv/dyn/mtv_top_pop_group/crews.jhtml?crew=concrete_rose  

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